Verifications in over 248 different regions

DSA toolkit for onboarding and reporting

We provide a customizable KYC, KYB, Watchlist, Tax and Bank verification to meet DSA requirements at onboarding and reporting

Based on 1.000.000+ verifications at

ID & document verification with liveness check

Validate photo ID documents from all over the world and authenticate it with the individuals face in real-time

Scan required documents and extract details

Our OCR technology will extract all KYC, KYB, Tax and Bank details from relevant documents

Check watchlists and government databases

Setup workflows and verify all collected details against government and other industry specific databases from around the world

Reporting to Tax Authorities

Our self-service reporting product can be easily setup to automate reporting to relevant authorities

Workflow builder

Set up your verification logic with custom fields

Build the verification steps and custom fields you need. Use a template or customise it to your personal needs.

Make automated decisions

Automate with flexible rules and actions. Only manually review cases that are trully needed.

User Interface, Batch upload or API

A white-label interface, or connect via API to your in-house flow.

Identity verification

ID verification

Verify +10,000 different ID cards in 248 different regions

Liveness & face check

Perform liveness and face match verification to confirm true document holder identity.


Authenticate UBO, utility bills or other documents automatically to the Identity Holder.

Custom Fields

Train custom document upload fields

We can help you automatically extract document details with OCR

Custom integrations with databases

Let us work with you on integrations to local chamber of commerce, vehicle registration database or any other database you like to connect to.

Business Verification

Custom data widgets

Optimise how your users upload documents, fill out questionnaires, and collect information

Business databases

Supplied uses company data from both local and global registries

KYC verification of UBOs

Verify beneficiaries with automated KYC checks.

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