Be compliant in all EU memberstates

DAC7 Reporting

An automated solution for generation and submission of DAC7 compliant reports

What is DAC7? It's an EU directive that requires online platforms to collect and verify the tax information of their sellers/partners/suppliers as well as accurately report their earnings to local tax authorities. This law enables tax authorities to better monitor taxpayer activities across different countries and reduce tax evasion.

DAC7 implementation timeline including deadlines for reporting

Be compliant in 5 steps

Supplied helps you be compliant in 5 steps

With the use of powerful tools that maximizes efficiency

Key features of our DAC7 compliance product

Identification & Verification product

Tax info collection & automated verification of your suppliers with our self-serve tool.

dac7 data integration with external and internal government databases for instant verification and reporting
Add data using external & internal sources

Integrate to source systems to pull data directly, enabling instant data processing and reporting.

direct of transformative dac7 reporting in XML from a csv upload
Direct or transformative  DAC7 reporting in XML

Utilize our ID & Transform product for reporting preparation or Directly convert to XML for your DAC7 compliant report

automated sharing of xml dac7 tax report with authorities
Automated sharing with Tax authorities

Submit your complete DAC7 Earnings report in XML format directly to  tax authorities, streamlining the reporting process.

tax statements for reportable sellers for dac7. Generated in .pdf format and can be send by email
Tax statements to reportable sellers

Generate instant tax statements for your reportable sellers. And send these statement via automated emails to your sellers.

admin tooling for managing dac7 reports, data collection and verification. For compliance agents, legal and tax departments.
Admin Tooling for you

Centralised online tooling available for you to manage and view all your sellers information and reports.

Built on the experience of converting and reporting millions of partners at
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Supplied offers personalised consultations to help you understand what DAC7 means for your business.

Usage fee

Data collection & verification

Use automated, instant KYB/KYC and Tax solutions in a custom drag & drop flow builder. To collect all required DAC7 info and more at or post onboarding.

Usage fee

XML DAC7 Reporting

Supplied has an easy to use .csv to .XML converter tool that allows you to generate a DAC7 compliant XML file.

If desired, Supplied can generate and submit the .XML file directly to the applicable tax authority via an end-to-end solution.

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